Sweat will cool you. It’s liquid. Liquids conduct heat more efficiently, faster, than gas does. Air and clothing next to your sweat take the heat away. You cool off. Maybe more than you want.

You sweat all the time, usually insensibly, sometimes a lot. Sometimes it’s combined with condensate. If the air next to your skin is humid, even damp, and also warmer than your skin, some of the humidity condenses onto your skin. The condensate is water. It combines with sweat, till you feel like a glue trap.

Under your piles of clothing, your innermost layer gets wet. Wet inner layers take a long time to dry.

If you start to feel sweaty, open up your clothing, at least the outer layer. Close up again when you’ve cooled off enough.

Red crabapples on branches and covered with ice.

Sweat happens. Open your coat to keep temperatures where you like them. Opening your coat, preventing too much sweat, can make you warmer.

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